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Claire Sweeney


Whenever I need to get into shape for a project I always call Caroline. She has the ability to get great results without making you feel that you are working too hard. I particulary love the Pilates – it has really helped to improve my bad back and enabled me to run again. Caroline seems to know exactly what your body needs


Victoria Harvey, Leg Model


As a leg model, its is really important that i don’t gain weight or bulk on my legs and its only through Caroline’s personal training have I been able to achieve this! She has encouraged me to run and enabled me to gain strength, fitness and flexibily through constant cross training using many of the differeing disciplines shes qualified in. This is the fittest and best I’ve ever been!


Laura Tilt, BSc, MSc
Nutrition and Health Content Manager


Loved your DVD! Tried it last night and did both workouts – really enjoyed them. I bought a Pilates DVD a few months ago but was really disappointed as it was nothing like the classes I’d been to and I couldn’t keep up with the exercises as the instructor went so fast! Yours was great – will be my new fitness companion!

Thank you! x


Mark McGuire


Hi Caroline , Iv’e had back problems off and on for years now but since doing your 20 minute core workout everyday I’ve been pain free and much more flexible. Thanks Mark


Susan Sheridan, Actress / Voice Coach


Caroline Sandry is a superb teacher of pilates. I have been going to her classes for several years and have seen the dedication she shows to all her clients. She is a true proffessional and I highly recommend her as a pilates practitioner and a teacher.


Linsey Lunny


‘when I found out I was pregnant I immediately worried about the impact that it would have on my body as I have maintained my weight and fitness level since I was 17. Caroline was superb she helped me understand the impact it would have on my body and how to keep toned and fit throughout the pregnancy

Her Pilates has meant that I have maintained a healthy weight during my pregnancy and kept all of my body toned and as it was before getting pregnant, which every women wants. It has given me the energy to handle the pregnancy on a day to day basis with me being able to run my businesses and lead a busy lifestyle as I did prior to getting pregnant.

Caroline has been fantastic the Pilates has helped me so much throughout the whole process. I could not recommend Caroline more highly


Rachel Hart


Caroline has been training me regularly for nearly three years now. I started doing Pilates with her on the advice of a physiotherapist after back problems during my third pregnancy, and was amazed by the results. Not only do my one-to-one classes with her help me feel fitter, improve my posture and strengthen my core, but they have helped with muscle tone and relaxation too. She is amazingly knowledgeable and interested in the holistic aspect of health and fitness; she has given me lots of advice over my time with her and has been able to tailor-make my exercise programme to ensure that during my subsequent pregnancy I was in great condition throughout and had a very easy labour. As a working mother of four children I value my sessions with her enormously as I genuinely feel they increase my ability to cope with the physical demands of a very busy life and give me an opportunity to spend time with someone I now consider a real friend


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