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About Caroline

Having spent many years in the industry, Caroline is highly sought after by the media for her writing and presenting skills, as well as by clients including celebrities who want to get in shape.


Caroline has 14 DVD’s to her name, and has written 3 books. She also has regular shows on TV both in the UK and the USA. Her skills as a writer means that she writes for many publications and websites.


Caroline also acts as a fitness consultant for many top name brands and organisations and is fitness and healthy lifestyle expert for Pfizer Life and brand ambassador for Tiana.

I am constantly looking to improve my skills and knowledge and have worked and studied with many internationally renowned figures.


I have always been passionate about fitness and the great outdoors, and in 1999 decided to use turn this passion into a career and started out as a personal trainer.


“As a commercial model in my early twenties it was very important to have a healthy and slim body. I was always the ‘healthy girl-next-door’ and enjoyed working out to look and feel good. The more I learnt about the body and fitness, the more interested I became, and so it was a natural progression to carry that passion over into a career.


After qualifying as a personal trainer, I was asked to present a Pilates reformer on QVC (The Home Shopping Channel) and was blown away by how it felt and what it could do for your body. I had already practiced Pilate’s matwork and loved it, but once I used the reformer I was hooked, and immediately signed up to begin my teacher training. Pilates is amazing for conditioning and balancing the body, and I combine this practice with any other form of exercise I might be using. It can be truly transformational and my clients quickly become hooked!



I have had the good fortune to work with so many wonderful people, including many celebrities whose lifestyles I understand having spent some time in a similar industry. After filming a fitness DVD with Claire Sweeny (Perfect Fit) I was asked to write for a couple of health magazines, and this fulfilled another long-held ambition; to become a writer.


I am now able to combine my passion for fitness and creativity and have written for many magazines including Health & Fitness, Ultra Fit, Women’s Running, Fit and Well and WeightWatchers.

Yoga is also very important to me. Amid the craziness of shoots, hard training and rushing from one job to the next, yoga gives me calm. It is what my body needs amid the chaos. I have practised yoga since my teens (when my sister and I went to our local Devon village hall) and since then have tried to carry it everywhere with me – France, America, at home or in a studio in London.

I am not the most flexible person in the world, and neither are many of my clients, but yoga has something to offer everybody. My experience in India, of living in an Ashram and studying with and living alongside my teachers was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.





One to one training is absolutely the best way to learn how best to train your body. If you lack motivation, are suffering from an injury or simply want to give your body the best, then personal training is the way to go!

One to one services offered:



Weight loss







Join in with a small group for a variety of training sessions. Whether it is just yourself and your partner or a small group of friends, joining up for a class means training is available to all budgets and can be a fun and sociable event.




It is widely recognised that emplyees who exercise are less stressed and more productive than those who do not. Group training within the office is a great way for both employees and employers! Staff feel valued and are refreshed and more focused following their session, and are also less likely to take time off sick or due to back or jint pain and strain. 

Pilates is hugely beneficial to office workers and can help to counteract the stresses that desk-work places upon the body.

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