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Fitness expert, Caroline Sandry brings you her newest DVD, Prenatal Pilates Strengthen & Sculpt. 

Prenatal Pilates Strengthen & Sculpt.


  • This DVD was created for women at any trimester. Practising these programmes, will help you stay strong and supple and will prepare you for labour, delivery and beyond.

    Pregnancy is an incredible time in any woman's life but it is also a very demanding time on the body. To keep you and your baby healthy, it is very important for expectant mothers to stay fit and strong. Having taught Pilates for over a decade, Caroline has seen the amazing benefits and results of practising these exercises. When she became pregnant herself, Caroline decided to create this unique programme to stay in shape while moving through the different stages of pregnancy.

    As an exercise specialist, Caroline has carefully choreographed these routines (20 minute Total Body Workout), (20 minute Standing Workout), (20 minute Mat Workout), (17 minute Bonus Solutions Section for anxiety & swollen ankles, etc.) a (Pregnancy Tutorial) with the utmost safety in mind, to help you sculpt, tone and strengthen your body.

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    Caroline Sandry is a qualified fitness instructor, writer and TV presenter.
    For more information about Caroline, please visit her website at
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