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Pregnancy & Pilates comprises 2 x 30 minute full body workouts plus an in-depth explanation of Pilates and pregnancy. Suitable for all levels these exercises will;
• Improve your posture throughout pregnancy
• Strengthen your back, core and pelvis
• Tone your arms, legs and bottom
• Guide you through stretches and relaxation
• Keep your body flexible and mobile through pregnancy
• Strengthen your deep pelvic floor

Pregnancy & Pilates

  • Pilates with Caroline has helped me maintain a healthy weight during my pregnancy and kept all of my body toned … It has also given me the energy to combine pregnancy and running my businesses … I could not recommend Caroline more highly’ L. Lunny

    Personal trainer and Yoga & Pilates teacher Caroline Sandry was inspired by her client’s journeys through pregnancy to develop a range of DVDs especially for pregnant women.

    “My pregnant clients found Pilates transformational in pregnancy: the movements develop a great connection between the mind and body, strengthen the pelvic floor and help to address postural changes which occur in pregnancy. These exercises can help you to have a healthier pregnancy, help to prepare youfor labour and delivery, and can help you to regain your pre-babybody post pregnancy.”
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