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Pregnancy on the Ball comprises 2 x 30 minute workouts to keep your body in shape throughout your pregnancy. Suitable for all levels these exercises will help you to;
• Stay in shape during pregnancy
• Keep your body mobile
• Improve your posture
• Strengthen your internal muscles to support baby
• Prepare your body for labour

Pregnancy on the Ball

  • “…these exercises helped me to feel fitter in pregnancy, improved my posture and muscle tone, and also helped me to relax” R.Hart

    Personal trainer and Yoga & Pilates teacher Caroline Sandry was inspired by her client’s journeys through pregnancy to develop a range of DVDs especially for pregnant women.

    “The ball is perfect for use during pregnancy – it is supportive, comfortable to exercise on, and also to sit on as baby grows. These exercises are wonderful for strengthening your body, preparing you for labour and delivery. It also gives you that all important time to focus on yourself, your baby and your body.”

    Also included in the DVD is an interview with the model, and a chapter about Pilates and pregnancy.
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